Online Cyber Hygiene Training
to Protect Your Institution Against Cybertheft of Research and IP
COMING: MARCH 2023 - JUNE 2023
Asynchronous Training for Private Sector, Research Sector, and Academic Institutions
Course is currently open to institutions in: Cambodia, Croatia, Georgia, Indonesia,
Malaysia, Morocco, Philippines, Romania, Thailand, Ukraine, and Vietnam


Researchers, academic institutions, and technology companies face increasing threats of cyberattack every year. The dominant threat now comes from foreign governments sponsoring cyber actors to steal sensitive data, research, and intellectual property (IP) from institutions to gain access to key critical and dual-use technology (defined as that which might enable weapons development). Armed with state-provided resources, and often associated with the defense industry, these cyber threat groups pose the greatest risk to open and secure science, research, and technology development. 

CRDF Global is pleased to provide this Online Cyber Hygiene Training at no cost for eligible institutions.

This online course consists of seven, one-hour training modules and is tailored for researchers, faculty, administrators, technology company managers and employees, and other non-information technology (IT) personnel from private, research, and academic institutions in the areas of artificial intelligence and machine learning, biotechnology, microelectronics, high-performance computing, and related fields. This course will cover the fundamental ways that you can identify, avoid, prevent, and report the illicit and unauthorized transfer of sensitive information by increasing awareness and cybersecurity posture. 

Using recorded online lectures, post-module quizzes, and pre- and post-course assessments, participants will engage with course material provided in multiple formats and made available in your native language. This course, offered at no cost to approved participants, will arm you with specific knowledge to help defend your organization from state-sponsored attacks and from other threats as well. A certificate will be awarded upon successful completion. 

Who Should Attend?

Non-information technology (IT) personnel from private, research, and academic institutions to include: 

  • Administrators, compliance officers, managers, researchers, and relevant general staff from institutions dealing with sensitive information in areas such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, biotechnology, microelectronics, and high-performance computing 
  • Participants at institutions located in the following countries are currently eligible: Cambodia, Croatia, Georgia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Morocco, Philippines, Romania, Thailand, Ukraine, and Vietnam

Training Topics

  • Introduction to cyber threats, methods, strategies, and case studies
  • Maintaining research collaboration and business while securing data, intellectual property, and confidential information 
  • Use of 2-step verification systems against credential theft attacks 
  • Password management to mitigate issues around password authentication 
  • Recognition and avoidance of phishing and social engineering 
  • Email encryption and best practices  
  • Use of technologies to strengthen endpoint security 

Registration and Fees

This training is offered free of charge. As space is limited, early registration is highly encouraged. Please register here or contact Mr. Abishai Kelkar at by May 19, 2023 to indicate your interest in attending the training. After receipt of your registration request, CRDF Global will confirm via email if you have been accepted for enrollment to the course.  

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What You Will Gain

  • Fundamental understanding of the cyber threats to your institution’s research or technology development enterprise 

  • Understanding of the most common cyber threat actor methods to steal sensitive research, data, and technology 

  • Knowledge of industry best practices and practical tips to avoid and prevent malicious cyber theft of you and your institution’s information 

  • Access to leading cybersecurity experts and experience 

  • A Certificate of Completion

Training Sponsor and Experts


CRDF Global

CRDF Global is an independent nonprofit organization that provides international training and capacity building programming to advance safety, security, health, and prosperity. We promote international research integrity and knowledge security, data and IP protection, and cyber and information security globally. We partner with government agencies, academia, and the private sector to strengthen connectivity among experts and tailor the application of international best practices that allow for transparent scientific discovery and applications of research and technology. With offices in Arlington, VA; Kyiv, Ukraine; Manila, Philippines; Almaty, Kazakhstan; and Amman, Jordan, CRDF Global’s diverse staff and networks of local stakeholders deliver tailored programs to mitigate threats and advance peace and security every day.


Forward Defense

Forward Defense provides bespoke security solutions to governmental, telecommunications and financial services customers around the world. Focused on clients with elevated security requirements to defeat advanced adversaries, Forward Defense helps customers understand the threats they face and works to mitigate the associated risks in a cost-effective manner. Headquartered in the UAE, we have extensive experience assessing and improving the security of organizations around the globe by working in partnership with our clients. Learn more about us at



About the Instructor

This course is taught by Steve Anson, the author of Applied Incident Response and co-author of Mastering Windows Network Forensics and Investigations. Steve is a former US federal agent, with experience investigating state-sponsored intrusions against governmental and private sector organizations. A former instructor at the FBI Academy and current Certified Instructor with the SANS Institute, Steve has trained thousands of IT professionals in detecting and responding to advanced threats. Steve has worked with financial services institutions, law enforcement, and security agencies around the globe to detect and prevent state-sponsored attacks, understanding that the first step to an effective defense is knowing your adversary.