Cyber Supply Chain Security and Due Diligence Online Training Course
COMING: April 2023 - December 2023
CRDF Global is pleased to offer the free-of-charge online training course Cyber Supply Chain Security and Due Diligence to assist research and academic institutions to better protect their sensitive research, data, intellectual property, and technical information.


Cyber espionage and theft of sensitive, dual-use, and economically critical information are persistent and increasing. The cyber supply chain through which information flows, including third-party relationships with managed service providers, suppliers, and vendors, creates technical dependencies that provide intrusion channels for cyber-enabled theft of information assets. This course is designed to raise awareness of various cyber supply chain security risks and support institutions in advancing practical methods to incorporate cyber risk management principles within their organization.


IT, cybersecurity, compliance, and procurement ​officers each play critical roles at their institutions to manage cyber supply chain security risks; this course is therefore designed along four instructional tracks:

  • An Introductory Track begins the course to establish a common framework and terms for understanding the problems and solutions for securing the cyber supply chain.
    o    Who should complete this track: Individuals in any role at research and academic institutions or the public sector.
  • The IT and Cybersecurity Track includes specific topics on the software development process, patching and updates through the software supply chain, and technical controls to reduce vulnerabilities and mitigate risk. 
    o    Who should complete this track: IT specialists, managers, and cybersecurity officers at research and academic institutions.
  • The Procurement Track includes a focus on purchasing and contracting linked with the technical and management topics to provide an improved understanding of the role that procurement officers can perform to reduce supply chain risk. 
    o    Who should complete this track: Procurement managers and officers at research and academic institutions.
  • The Compliance Track focuses on the role of compliance officers in integrating legal, policy, and management requirements, with topics that cover associated problems in supply chain security. 
    o    Who should complete this track: Compliance managers and officers at research and academic institutions.

Practical Information

•    Currently the course is only open to research and academic institutions located in Croatia, Czechia, Georgia, Poland, Romania, and Ukraine
•    Completion of the course should take approximately six hours
•    The course includes recorded expert instructional video modules, knowledge assessments, and questions for consideration
•    Each track consists of twelve instructional modules grouped into four blocks:



Training Sponsor and Instructors


CRDF Global

CRDF Global is an independent nonprofit organization that provides international training and capacity building programming to advance safety, security, health, and prosperity. We promote international research integrity and knowledge security, data and IP protection, and cyber and information security globally. We partner with government agencies, academia, and the private sector to strengthen connectivity among experts and tailor the application of international best practices that allow for transparent scientific discovery and applications of research and technology. With offices in Arlington, VA; Kyiv, Ukraine; Manila, Philippines; Almaty, Kazakhstan; and Amman, Jordan, CRDF Global’s diverse staff and networks of local stakeholders deliver tailored programs to mitigate threats and advance peace and security every day.



Dr. Eric Novotny

Eric Novotny is Hurst Professor of International Relations, Emeritus, at The American University, Washington, DC, USA. He was formerly President of the Faculty and Director of the Graduate Programs in Global Governance, Politics , and Security; and US Foreign Policy and National Security. He was also a Faculty Fellow of the AU Internet Governance Laboratory and a Faculty Associate of the AU Center for Security, Innovation, and New Technology.  Novotny is the founding director of the graduate program in cybersecurity. He accepted a Special Service appointment as Senior Advisor for Digital Media and Cybersecurity at the US Department of State and is the recipient of the Department of State’s Meritorious Honor Award for his pioneering efforts in digital security as a member of the 2012 White House interagency working group on cyber policy, which led to the International Strategy for Cyberspace.



Eugene Fedorchenko

Eugene Fedorchenko is a Senior Advisor with Cyber Unit Technologies. Eugene is a multi-layered professional with 15 years of combined consulting experience in governance, risk, and compliance across the EU, CEE, and APAC regions. Eugene has advised clients in the private and government sectors on the risks and regulatory implications of technology and developed partnerships for his clients with global names like Google and Nuix. Eugene holds an MBA from the Melbourne Business School (Australia) and an Advanced Studies degree in International and EU Law (University of Lausanne, Switzerland).